About Fortify

Fortify was specifically designed to help individuals (particularly young people) struggling with pornography eventually reach long-lasting freedom. In this program you will find the tools, education, and resources necessary to help you or someone you love overcome this problem.

The Fortify Program should take an individual anywhere from 2 to 5 months to complete.

Who's Behind Fortify?

The Fortify Program is an online recovery program created and developed by Fight the New Drug, a grassroots, youth oriented, non-religious, non-legislative, non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness on the harmful effects of pornography. Fight the New Drug accomplishes this through social media campaigns, videos, school assembly presentations and conference appearances across the United States. The first part of our name, “Fight,” denotes the struggle and the seriousness of our effort. When people join the movement they are called “Fighters,” which refers to their dedication and intensity. The second part of the name, “the New Drug,” refers to the addictive potential and pervasiveness of pornography and the new science that has come out over the past few decades helping the world recognize it as a drug with addictive qualities.

Having the opportunity to research and learn about the negative effects of pornography, we became acutely aware of the need to share this information with the public, especially young people. We recognized that for a movement to be successful in decreasing demand for this social ill, society would need to gain a deeper understanding of what they were ingesting on a regular basis.

As we have traveled across the country spreading the movement, we have been overwhelmed with the sheer volume of students coming up to us after assemblies, events, and reaching out through emails telling us they were already heavily using pornography and they needed help stop but had no where to turn. Thus, the Fortify Program was born...

We teamed up with psychologists, neurologists, therapists, and other mental health experts to create a program that would educate and empower a person to move away from pornography use. We worked for nearly two years researching and creating a program that would be free, anonymous, and accessible to young people across the world. This program dives deep into the scientific reasons for addiction and the porn industry’s tactics to create a life-long customer. It has been designed to eventually help users reach long lasting freedom. With the Fortify Program, you will find the tools education and resources necessary to help you or someone you love overcome this addictive behavior.

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