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What’s up, Fortifiers!

Welcome to the Fortify blog! Here is where we are going to keep you updated on all things officially Fortify!

The launch of this blog means that we have also launched our Fortify Program Facebook page, Instagram profile, and Twitter account as well! By following these pages, you are soon going to be surrounded by Fortifiers from all over the country, helping and supporting you through the program.

We will be giving you updates and improvement in the program, sharing some stats on the success you all are having and doing interesting write-ups to help you along in your recovery.

We’ve already posted a couple articles that we think you’ll find helpful. One is on controlling urges and the other is on what it means to “fortify” yourself. Check them out after you read this post!

Lately, we have been working hard on some serious improvements to the site and we hope you all are loving them. We know that these new designs and upgrades to the site will improve your experience a ton.

First, we hope you are all enjoying the entirely new “Support & FAQ” menu to answer any and all questions you may have about the Fortify Program.

Second, we hope you are loving the efficiency of the newly designed dashboard. Complete with new Battle Tracker analytics and a revamped Badge system, you are now equipped with much better tools to help you in your recovery.

So like we said, we hope you like the new features of the Fortify Program. This recent upgrade is just one of many to come; we are constantly innovating and coming up with better ways to make Fortify the most effective recovery program out there.

We are so excited for all of you who are on this journey to recovery and we are happy that you chose the Fortify Program to do it. We know it will help you and we love to hear your success stories.

Last thing, as you know, Fortify is still in its Beta version so we are ironing out the wrinkles daily. If you have any issues, don’t hesitate to email us at [email protected] if you see any technical issues on the Fortify website.

Thanks for being a Fortifier! Keep on fighting! We got your back!
- The Fortify Team
Facebook: www.facebook.com/fortifyprogram1
Instagram & Twitter: @fortifyprogram