Hope For The Brokenhearted

Porn addiction does not only affect the addicted. It creates a shockwave that impacts all of their relationships, especially those closest to them. This shock can be very hard to handle, and often, is traumatic for the people who love and care for someone struggling with a porn addiction. Parents, friends, and family will all feel the fallout and pain for their loved one, but no one will be affected more than spouses and partners.

Because porn addiction is such a new issue and has only really been around for the last few decades or from the dawn of the internet, we are constantly learning more about it. Most resources are dedicated to helping addicts, and often are only targeted toward men. The fact is, porn is not a picky. Anyone can be affected by it, either as an addict or because you are close to one. The good news is there are finally some materials and programs designed specifically to support the partners of porn addicts.

Introducing Bloom For Women

Although this program is not affiliated with Fortify, we are happy and excited to promote it.

Bloom For Women focuses on helping people recover from what is called betrayal trauma. For $25/month you have access to a wide variety of courses designed to help you heal and understand. Many focus on the individual, guiding you through a process of restoring strength and security with everything from yoga instruction to self-help seminars. Others are designed to restore your relationships. Online videos outline topics like rediscovering intimacy and dealing with your partners addiction. There are even a few courses that build positive and healthy lifestyle habits like music or interior design!

Possibly the greatest aspect of Bloom is that it is constantly growing. With your subscription you have access to all current and future content. This includes the web courses, blogs, forums, web chats and anything that is added in the future.

The bottom line is having someone close to your struggle with an addiction can be earth shattering. We know how lost and helpless you can feel. There is hope, and you are not alone. Try the program for free and see if it’s right for you.

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