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Think about the first time that you saw pornography. How did you feel? For many people, that first experience with pornography was definitely not the last, and started a process of deepening usage that ultimately turned compulsive. Maybe you are at that point right now and you don’t know what to do. Don’t worry, you are not alone. We’ve had nearly 60,000 people in 150 different countries join Fortify since we launched the community in 2012. These are people who have fallen into a destructive porn habit and are now doing everything they can to break free.

Recently, we received a message from an individual who decided to share what prompted him to get porn out of his life. We asked permission to share his story here:

I first encountered porn when I was 11. I was shocked, excited, and very curious. So I kept looking. For seven years I looked for ever more unnatural and hardcore images and videos. I couldn’t imagine stopping and I didn’t want to. I had heard about FTND and how porn was an actual problem for relationships, but I never gave it any serious thought.

Then, one night, I was in my room. I had been looking at my Facebook feed and thinking about watching porn later, when I saw a pregnancy announcement photo shoot. The wife was surprising the husband with the news, and there was a photo of the moment the guy heard he was going to be a dad. He was crying tears of joy. That instantly brought tears to my eyes, because suddenly I knew that I could never have that if I kept up my porn addiction. I would never be able to love a woman without bringing in the filth that came with porn.

I realized then that I needed to fight. That I needed to end the tyranny of porn in my life so that love could live.

This individual struggled with a pornography addiction for years, unaware of all its subtle consequences on the rest of his life. All of that changed when he saw the happiness that real, sincere love could bring into his life.

Think about your own life experiences: What motivates you? What drives you to be better? When you get tired or discouraged, what thoughts or ideas push you to keep going? What do you love more than pornography? Who do you want to be in life?

Take some time today to solidify your commitment to freedom. Write down the reasons that motivate you to step away from pornography. In the Fortify community, we refer to these as “anchors” because they help keep you grounded in your commitment to keep moving forward and not giving up.

Remember that compulsive pornography habits don’t arise over night, and, unfortunately, they won’t go away overnight either. It will take time for those habits and cravings to lessen and vanish. Your brain is made up of millions of pathways that, to some degree, have been conditioned to want and need porn. Be patient, but persistent as well. Cling to those meaningful anchors in your life. The journey towards freedom is never easy, but we promise it will be worth it.


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