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For people who live in tornado zones, a key to survival is watching the signs of the changing weather. If they wait until cows are flying through the air before they do something, they’re in trouble.

The same thing applies to the tornados we sometimes have to face in our personal lives. If we wait till urges and cravings for pornography or other unwanted sexual behaviors are at tornado-strength force, we’re setting ourselves up for being swept away.

For each of us, there are certain thoughts, feelings or situations that can be triggers, hitting us like lightning bolts and moving us closer to using.

Playing It Smart

Your “lightning bolt” could be a location, like the beach, the mall or a certain store. It can be a certain time, like late nights or when you’re really fatigued.  Or your lightning bolts might involve emotions like anger, loneliness, boredom, anxiety and sadness.

Is there a way to avoid this storm entirely?  By noticing signs of bad weather up ahead, you may be able to avoid the lightning bolts completely.

If we recognize what’s coming up ahead, we can unleash some powerful preventive action. In the moments before the overwhelming emotions drench us, before the mind is foggy and before the heart is hijacked…all sorts of things are possible.

Rather than waiting for the lightning to crash right in front of us, try to open a new awareness of what’s coming – learning to better recognize clues and signals about what lies ahead.

Avoiding Your Storms

You can avoid places or sites jam packed with click-bait teasers. And you can use social media at certain times of day and for certain purposes. We’ve also known several courageous individuals that realized smart-phones are always where they struggle, so they downgraded to a flip-phone for a time until they could get stronger.

Now that may feel crazy, but if it makes a difference in your fight for freedom, why not?  How much are you willing to give up for real freedom?

Some things may not be able to be neutralized, of course, like some website or situations better to avoid for good.  But with other triggering scenarios, you can get your strength back with time and practice. That smart phone can become a strength again instead of a danger.  And eventually, you might be strong enough to go back to certain places you avoided before.

In the end, all you can do is look for the signs. Keep watch for those changes in the weather and the storms on the horizon. And if you see those dark clouds, take action.

You don’t have to get drenched in every storm that lies ahead. If you can get good at acting on the weather signs on the horizon, your power and freedom can grow to amazing levels. And soon, those lightning bolts won’t seem too powerful.