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"This program is rad! I love the videos, they keep me interested and thinking. I have come so far in the last few months because of Fortify. I struggled with porn for five years before finally seeking help, and since I have gotten involved in Fortify I have learned so much more about how to overcome this addiction. I have just recently celebrated 100 days of being pornography free!"

Female, Teen

"Man, you guys really did well creating this program. The way things are explained in the videos is fantastic, and you let me look back in time at who I was, who I am now, and compare those with who I want to be. Thanks!"

Male, Teen

"I've finally found it, a program that works for me. I've done other addiction programs, read books and articles, browsed forums and websites to help kick this addiction to the curb but nothing has worked like this has. The video presentations feel like a 1-on-1 discussion where I am able to learn and feel empowered. The strategies are real and actually work, I put them to the test and have so many \"wow\" learning moments!"

Male, Adult

"I am 46 years old and have been struggling with addiction for longer than I can remember. Your program is extremely effective. The nature of the program, being interactive, and having a well rounded strategy based in action is like nothing I have encountered before. I feel extremely hopeful for the first time ever in my war against porn."

Male, Adult

"I'm thrilled that teens finally have a great resource to help fight porn addiction. Fortify is an action oriented program that motivates, inspires, and empowers youth to make better choices. I am confident that this program will change lives!"

George Collins, MA
Therapist and Author

"Fortify arms young people with the knowledge and tools necessary to see pornography for what it is—harmful, addictive, and completely unnecessary. I have great confidence in this resource helping thousands of young people avoid the pitfalls of pornography and become healthier in all areas of their lives."

Jill Manning
Ph.D (Therapist and Author)

Questions About Foritfy

Is Fortify Right For Me?

This is a great question to be asking yourself. It is important to know and understand that there are levels and degrees of pornography addiction. Some of you are dealing with an addiction that makes it difficult to have a relationship, be social, or even leave the house. While there are others who feel like it is is just a bad habit or something they want stop before they lose control and wind up ruining their relationships, social life, or worse. Basically, what we are saying is everyone who is looking for help from the Fortify Program has a different story and different needs with regard to their porn use. We may get some applicants who apply to the program because they are looking at porn a few times a year, others who look a few times a month or week, and many who feel compelled to look at pornography a few times a day just to feel normal.

Even with these vast differences and degrees of pornography use, the Fortify Program uses the blanket term of addiction to describe compulsive pornography use. So wherever you may land on that spectrum the Fortify Program will be helpful to you as you begin your process of recovery. No one but you can determine how deep your trench is, and committing to completing this program will assist you as you work toward lasting change. 

Let's talk a little bit about your expectations. Ask yourself, Why am I here? What do I hope to gain from this program? What am I willing to sacrifice to rid my life of pornography for good? Your answers to these questions will help determine how successful you will be in this program. Just as everyone's level of addiction is different, everyone's recovery will be different. The Fortify Program is largely self directed. Your commitment to and application of what you learn is vital to your success. If you think coming here and just watching some videos will fix all your problems, guess again. This is going to take work, and if you are committed to it, so are we.

What is the Fortify Program?

The Fortify Program was created to help individuals gain the education, tools, and resources necessary to eventually reach long-lasting freedom from their addiction to pornography. 

How much does Fortify cost?

Young people between the ages of 13-20 will have free access to the Fortify Program thanks to the generous donations of others. Anyone else 21 years of age or older we ask for a minimum sponsorship of one teenager (value $39). Of course, for those who are able, we gladly accept additional sponsorships.

Does Fortify require parental permission?

The creators of the Fortify program recognize the shame and taboos associated with pornography use at any age. We are also aware that as the average age of exposure decreases the need for education, services, and intervention increases, but that hasn’t made it any less easy to request help. In order to provide this service to varying age ranges, we require that all Fortify program participants be at least 13 years of age or over, the youngest age permitted to provide services to individuals without parental permission, as detailed by the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). 

Will Fortify "fix" my problem with pornography?

The name of the program is Fortify: A Step Toward Recovery, it is a step toward ridding your life of pornography for good. A great deal of an individual's success depends on how heavily they are involved in pornography use and their commitment to the program and implementation of the knowledge and tools included in the program.

What does Fortify do with my information?

Your privacy is important to us. You need to know that as you move throughout the program your personal information will not be shared or distributed. No one outside the Fortify Team will have access to your information. You may decide to share certain parts of your progress with someone you trust but that is completely up to you. Check out our Privacy Policy.

How long does the Fortify Program take?

Every user is different but we encourage individuals to take the necessary time to apply what they are learning and implement each strategy. For optimal results we have found that one should spend a minimum of 2 months going through the program.

What kind of therapeutic approach does Fortify use?

A team of professionals in fields such as psychology, neurology, and content development contributed to the creation of the Fortify Program. Because we try to reach across all lines and appeal to a universal audience of cultures and thinkers and feelers, we draw from several theoretical models in our presentation and our books. Some of which include, CBT, Mindfulness, and RBT. 

What is pornography addiction?

The simple definition of addiction is being unable to stop a behavior even when you experience negative consequences and sincerely want to stop. For the use in this program the term PORNOGRAPHY ADDICTION is used more broadly to cover any unwanted behaviors resulting from pornography use. That could mean something different for everyone. For example, some might be dealing with a bad habit while others are dealing with an extreme process addiction. Regardless of where one might be, the Fortify Program was created to allow individuals to take a step closer toward long-lasting recovery. 

How do I get in touch with the Fortify creators?

You’ve got more questions, we’ve got answers, email us at