Fortify: The Fighter's Guide to Overcoming Pornography Addiction Fortify: The Fighter's Guide to Overcoming Pornography Addiction Quick View

    Fortify: The Fighter's Guide to Overcoming Pornography Addiction

    $ 15.00 $ 19.00

    Are you struggling with pornography use? Trust us, you're not alone. Tens of thousands of young people have found pornography had control over their life, but found help through Fortify....
  • Battle Tracker Battle Tracker Quick View

    Battle Tracker

    $ 5.00

    This little black notebook is the key to your own personal progress. In the Battle Tracker, you can record triggers, victories and setbacks, and other useful data that helps you...
  • Fortify Buttons Fortify Buttons Quick View

    Fortify Buttons

    $ 9.00

    For the Fortifiers who want options! Show that you're a fighter by putting these awesome pins on your backpack, clothes, or pretty much just about anything! Featuring 14 buttons of the badges...
  • 'Anchor' Poster 'Anchor' Poster Quick View

    'Anchor' Poster

    $ 12.00

    The Anchor, as mentioned in the Fortify recovery program and book, is intended to replace unwanted behaviors with people, passions, and purpose. This poster is just a simple and subtle way...
  • 'Better days are ahead' Poster 'Better days are ahead' Poster Quick View

    'Better days are ahead' Poster

    $ 12.00

    Sometimes we just need a simple reminder that better days are ahead. Overcoming addiction or unwanted behavior is never easy but staying focused on a better tomorrow will help us make it...
  • 'Expect Problems' Poster 'Expect Problems' Poster Quick View

    'Expect Problems' Poster

    $ 12.00

    The road to overcoming addiction is a long and bumpy one. This bold poster acts a constant reminder that regardless of the problems and struggles we encounter, we have the...
  • Addiction Cycle - Educational Print Addiction Cycle - Educational Print Quick View

    Addiction Cycle - Educational Print

    $ 12.00

    This print represents the Addiction Cycle found in the Fortify Program. Designed to show the cycle of addiction in a simple and educational way.    Specs: 13x19 inches Frame not included
  • Star - Educational Print Star - Educational Print Quick View

    Star - Educational Print

    $ 12.00

    This educational print represents STAR found in the Online Fortify Program and in the Fortify Book. Designed to show the steps of avoiding the use of pornography in a simple and educational way. ...